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The Law Offices of Mark C. Watson can prosecute or defend a wide variety of legal disputes.  Our team of attorneys are experienced in areas such as Real Estate, Business Disputes, Family Law & Domestic Partnership Cases, Employment Issues, Claims Against Governments, and other areas as well.  Our attorneys have provided quality legal representation and advocacy to our clients for over fifteen years.

Unlike other firms, The Law Offices of Mark C. Watson does not just file a lawsuit and send you a bill.  We always talk with you, free of charge, so that you have all the information needed before filing a lawsuit.  We will discuss alternatives such as filing a claim with a governmental agency rather than a lawsuit, mediation, arbitration and sometimes even low cost community arbitration.  We only take action once you understand the benefits and risks and are comfortable proceeding.

Keeping Costs Down

We will always perform your work in a cost effective manner.  Your work will be allocated to an attorney or a legal staff member that is best suited to perform a given task.  You do not need to pay a high priced lawyer to complete a simple form or perform a routine task.  We will also discuss the costs of litigation with you ahead of time and present a series of options to you.  By working together, we can keep your legal fee to a minimum.

Keeping in Touch

While many firms do not keep their clients informed, we will always keep you up to date on your case.  You will receive copies of all letters that we receive and send to the other side.  We will also provide you with all documents filed on your behalf, or by another party, to the proceeding.  If you have a question, we will get you your answer as soon as possible.